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Organic Spotify Playlist Promotion for 50% OFF.


Step 1: Search For Your Song 👇

Type your song + artist name above to begin. Can’t find your song? Click here.

Step 2: Confirm or Add More Songs (Extra 20% OFF 3+ Songs)

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Here's what you get with a campaign:

  • Get added to playlists in 24-48 hours
  • Real, organic stream growth or your full money back
  • Long-term organic stream growth
  • No fake or bot streams, ever!
  • 3,000+ playlist contact list

Meet some of the 25,000+ artists that we helped get heard 👇

We've done campaigns for Trill Sammy:

Rapper Danyal saw a major boost in listeners:

We helped DJ Diddy achieve over 10 million streams in aggregate:

As seen on

Tired of nobody listening to your music and getting zero streams?

I'll get you on relevant, targeted Spotify playlists to get you heard. Here are some them👇

Meet some of the 25,000+ artists that we helped get heard 👇

Boost Collective Trustpilot

You could waste time & money pitching to playlist curators and get fake streams...

Or you can use Boost Collective, your trusted source of real & easy exposure 👇

Here are some results from artists that got on our playlists:

Boost Collective promo results example
Boost Collective promo results example
Boost Collective promo results example
Boost Collective promo results

I Guarantee I'll Get You Real, Organic Streams, or Your Full Money Back.

Boost Collective money back guarantee

I stand by my ability to get you big numbers the same way I do for my big clients, without a single bot stream or playlist placement, ever.

If I can’t get you real, organic streams within 10 days of your campaign beginning, you get your money back.

Best of all, my team will send you weekly reports to track your streams.

You’ll also get to see exactly which playlists I’ve added you on.

It’s time you start a Spotify campaign that’s truly worry-free, effortless and most importantly: 100% organic 👇


What happens after I order? +

You’ll immediately receive an order confirmation email, as well as a second email asking for your Spotify song link. The processes is quick, easy, and effortless! 🎯

Here’s what we do once you order:

  1. Our team will listen to your song and handpick which playlists work best for your song
  2. We’ll pitch and add your music to relevant playlists to help it get in the right places.
  3. Within 10 business days of purchase, your song will be added to these playlists. You will receive an email telling you which playlists you were added to. We may also add other songs to our playlists on your account to help maximize your campaign results.
  4. And that’s it! Watch your exposure grow as targeted and relevant people engage and discover your music.

What genres do you work with? +

We are able to promote all major genres and subgenres, from rap to electronic to pop and everything in between. 🎧

There are some genres that may achieve fewer results than expected:

  • Jazz/Blues
  • Ambient
  • Experimental
  • Folk
  • Religious
  • Classical
  • Niche Metal Music

What's the refund policy? +

We guarantee you’ll be added to the number of playlists your campaign advertises within 10 business days.

We may also add other songs to our playlists on your account to help maximize your campaign results.

If for any reason we are not able to do so, you will be contacted by our team and given the choice between a full refund or an alternative complimentary campaign – the choice is yours.

Our full terms of service and refund policy can be found here.

You can also contact our support team at at any time.

How does it work? +

Simple! Select a campaign above you want and place your order.

The bigger the campaign, the more playlists you get added to, and the more we’ll push your music.

Immediately upon purchase, we’ll ask for the Spotify song link you’d like to use for your campaign via email.

Upon receiving your song, we get to work:

Pitching your music to hundreds of our playlists. When you run a campaign with Boost Collective, we listen to your song and add it to our playlists most relevant to your song to give you maximum results.

Within 1-3 days tops, you’ll get an email from us notifying you which playlists you’ve been added to.

What playlists will I get on? +

We never use external playlists or curators – all the playlists you’ll be added to are run by us.

Your music will be pitched internally to our playlists and added to the most relevant ones.

We have hundreds of playlists across all major genres and niches across many different accounts.

You can view just some of the playlists we operate here.

Will I get bot plays? +

Absolutely NOT! Bot plays ruin your chances on getting on algorithmic playlists and earn you no royalties.

A Boost Collective campaign consists of us pitching your music to curators and playlists, not giving you artificial traffic or engagement.

Our promotion is strictly done through getting you on playlists, to get you in front of real people and get you real listeners and fans.

Are stream counts guaranteed? +

We guarantee that you’ll be added to the advertised number of playlists as a result of pitching, curating, and pushing your selected song(s).

Every campaign size has an estimate which is in line with past campaigns that we’ve run. we’ve worked with many artists across genres, and we know what works.

We are helping you get heard by pitching your music and adding you to playlists – a completely organic way to get your music heard by potential fans.

We guarantee you’ll get added to playlists and will see growth – we hit the account-wide estimated stream targets almost all the time.

We may also add other songs to our playlists on your account to help maximize your campaign results.

If you are ever not satisfied with your campaign, our team is always willing and able to help via 🙂

PLEASE NOTE: The quality of your song is everything. A quality song will outperform a low quality track any day of the week❗️

These are real ears listening to your music. The music is the factor that determines whether they stick around!

How do you pick which playlists I'll be added to? +

We listen to your song and other songs on your artist profile to see what genre, style and mood your music is.

We then pick the most relevant playlists to add you on – playlists that have your exact genre, mood and style.

This ensures that you’re getting in front of an audience of listeners that already love the kind of music you make, increasing your odds at saves, follows and making real fans 🎯

  • We see a lot of tracks come through. We know what works.
  • At the very least, if you don’t get a campaign with us, this page should open your mind on how to progress on Spotify in your music career.
  • Fake streams simply don’t feed Spotify with quality data. After all… Bots are lifeless❗️
  • Bots stream songs that are all different genres, languages, energy levels, moods etc… It doesn’t actually tell Spotify where your music fits on the platform.
  • We want to reinforce/feed Spotify with quality data from real people, listening to your music.

Long term, Spotify will know where to place your music using it’s A.I. (Algorithmic playlists: artist + song radios, discover weekly etc…)

In other words… We want Spotify to work to get you even more streams long term. But we can’t do that without igniting the spark and building momentum.

  • Get Real, Organic Spotify Exposure.
  • Get on Targeted and Relevant Playlists.
  • Royalty Eligible Spotify Streams.
  • Quality Email Support When You Need It.