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Is Boost Collective Spotify Playlist Submission Really Free?​


Yes! All you need is a Boost Collective account. When you use Boost Collective to distribute your music for free, you’ll be able to submit music to Spotify playlists as well.

The norm in the industry up until now is that either 1) you must pay to get proper Spotify promotion or 2) desperately try to submit your track to playlist curators through platforms like SubmitHub, and barely ever getting a playlist placement or reply.

Boost Collecitve Is The The Best Spotify Playlist Submission Platform


That’s why Boost Collective is ideal – Your music will be added to Spotify playlists most of the time, and you’ll be added to playlists that will actually make a difference in growing your Spotify plays, followers, Release Radar, playlists exposure, and more.

You also don’t need a desktop computer to access Boost Collective – you can use our site on your phone as well, from anywhere!

Spotify Playlist Submission Alternatives


There are some alternatives that have limited free or paid campaigns. Daily Playlists submission link lets you get on some playlists at no cost, Playlist Push is a paid option (minimum $350).

Can I Submit Music Directly On The Platform?


Yes! Just make a free account and follow the steps. You can then create a submission link for your tracks, regardless of genre, from your artist page.

Can I Submit Music If I am On a Record Label?


Yes! You can make an account with Boost Collective if you are independent or signed.

How to Submit Music to Spotify Playlists For Free


There are two main ways you can get heard:


  1. Use Daily Playlists or SubmitHub to submit your new music to curators

  2. Use Boost Collective’s free playlist promotion tool

Platforms like Daily Playlists and SubmitHub are good places to start. First of all, both these platforms have paid versions – their free versions are getting increasingly limited

The downside is that you’re limited in quite a few ways with this method:

  • It’s playlist pitching, which means you get accepted 1% of the time.

  • Playlists could have fake followers or provide little to no results

  • You need to find and pick play lists yourself which takes a lot of time

  • You’re limited to only a limited free version with limited submissions.

That leaves up with one last way you can promote your songs: Boost Collective.

The biggest benefits are that 1) you save time, 2) you don’t need to pay anything, and 3) your music will actually get on playlists most of the time.

  • You aren’t playlist pitching, your song will be given an actual promotion campaign where you’ll be added to multiple playlists.

  • You won’t need to pay anything, ever. There’s no limitations.

  • Your music will be added to relevant play lists that grow your monthly listeners. We listen to every track and add it to our play lists that best matches your track.

Can I Submit Unreleased Music For Playlist Consideration?


Some platforms allow only unreleased tracks for artist playlist consideration. We let you select any song you distribute for a submission link, whether you have an unreleased track or not, and regardless of release date.

Is Boost Collective an Independent Spotify Playlist Curator?


Yes! We add your music to the right playlists depending on your genre. Simply log into your Boost Collective account to access the tool.

Submit Music To Spotify Playlists


It’s important to know that your artist dashboard will give you lots of insight on new audiences, your fan base, social media profiles, and the genres you create. Making sure you have as much info as possible ensures you know which Spotify playlists to submit to.

Can I Submit Music to Spotify Playlists Before my Release Date?


No, since you won’t have the link to your song until after your release date πŸ™‚

Best Spotify Promotion Services


There are tons of Spotify services out there – and every one of them are vying for your business.

There are two main types of services: Paid and Free.

In the music industry, the norm is that the free services are never as good as the paid ones, so it’s worth doing both.

The key difference is that Boost Collective gives you Spotify promotion for free, that you would otherwise pay for. Here’s a breakdown:


What Are Spotify Playlist Curators?


Spotify playlist curators are just the owners of play lists you want to get your music on. To get your music on these play lists, you give them your submission link and either pay for a Spotify campaign or pitch your music to playlists using services like Daily Playlists or SubmitHub.

The best paid services have their own playlists that they manage, operate, and grow. This gives you the best results, as your track gets added to the most relevant playlists and your risk of getting botted streams goes down.

The downside of course, is that you have to pay. Getting a paid Spotify promo campaign can cost hundreds of dollars.

The reason why Boost Collective is the best is because you get on playlists that we manage and grow. We ARE the Spotify playlist curators! By using us, you get the same quality of promotion and results as a paid campaign that costs hundreds – except it’s entirely free.

How Spotify Playlists Can Get Your Music Heard


Getting your new music featured on popular playlists is the most popular way artists push their music to new people and grow their organic streams.Β 

The best playlists can get you tons of streams and hundreds of new potential fans. It is music marketing 101 these days.

By getting on a playlist, your Spotify monthly listeners will go up, as well as your Spotify followers. Make sure you spread your submission link far and wide!

Spotify Playlist Features is One of The Most Effective Music Marketing Methods


It is key that you avoid fake streams on your music. With the way the algorithm works, it’ll hurt your visibility and you might even get your song taken down.

Spotify has gotten very good at knowing which artists buy Spotify plays. It’s not worth the risk. This is by far the worst way to promote your music.Β 

You’re better off going the traditional route – don’t take any shortcuts!

Is Paid Music Promotion Worth it?


Using paid music promo to get in front of Spotify curators is expensive for the fleeting results it yields.

The truth is that Spotify promotion is rarely sticky – no matter how good it is. So when you pay so much to get on some playlists, it won’t make any long-term impact on your music career.Β 

Your monthly listeners will go up sure, but you need to keep promoting your music constantly to see your stats go up over time, and most artists don’t have a budget for that sort of thing.

Free Spotify Promotion is Better.


That’s why we decided to make our own promotion entirely free for those who use the Boost Collective platform. We’ll give you the same quality of promotion that any paid service will give, but for free.