Spotify Canvas Maker

Join our Free-Forever music distribution platform to create customizable Spotify Canvases to beautify your Spotify releases for free.

Preview our templates and see how it works below.

Look Professional With Our Spotify Canvas Maker.

Every one of your Spotify releases deserves to look amazing. We can create a custom looping visual that is sure to excite, and capture the attention of listeners once they land on your music.


Canvases are seamless looping video content for your tracks on Spotify. These looping videos allow artists to add flare to their music.

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It's easy to get started with Boost Collective:

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1) Make a free Boost Collective account.

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2) Distribute a new or existing release.

With Boost Collective, you get unlimited free music distribution to 150+ platforms and stores.

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3) Unlock access to everything!

You’ll earn credits whenever you distribute through Boost Collective. 


Credits can be used on playlist promotion to mastering and beyond - all for free.