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The distribution platform that actually gets you heard 🔊

Distributing music is just the beginning – Boost Collective gives you music promotion opportunities to actually advance your music career.
Unleash your music to editorials and Spotify playlists, all while staying independent and keep 100% of your earnings.
Think you have what it takes?
Boost Collective is free for those who get in. Due to high demand, Boost Collective is invite-only for eligible artists. See if you qualify 👇

"Ever since joining Boost Collective, every song I drop gets massive exposure. This is gold "

-Max Volante
Promote on autopilot. As soon as your release goes live, our team matches it with playlists to bring in listeners, on day 1 and beyond.
Get on editorials. We’ll secure you editorial playlist placements to ensure you keep raising the bar.
Being an invite-only platform lets us work closely to ensure you get on relevant playlists & editorials that actually grows your exposure.

Feature-rich distribution you can depend on

Dedicated speedy support reps

Another perk of us being an invite-only platform is having an actual person at the end of the line ensuring your release distributes properly, or helping you if any issues ever arise.

Phenomenal Analytics & Insights

Actionable data that drills down across the metrics that matter. Trends that are updated daily. And much more.

No limits, fees, or upgrades

Distribute unlimited releases for free. No feature is locked. You’ll have access to everything.

Advanced Splits functionality

Split your earnings among other collaborators in any way you can imagine – way beyond a simple percentage split function.

See all features (when they click this, the drop down with all the features mentioned below appears):

Distribute to 150+ stores worldwide

  • Fast release and delivery speeds
  • Release unlimited</strong style=’color:#00ff9d;’> songs/albums
  • Keep 100% of your earnings
  • 100% ownership of your masters
  • No limits, fees or upgrades
  • Pre-order and splits funtionality
  • Copyright protection & Content ID

Already have a distributor? We're better - and it's worth the move.

Putting your music out there with the right distributor matters. Here’s why choosing Boost Collective will be the best choice you’ll ever make.
Industry-leading promotion & exposure

Forget worrying if your distributor will ‘accept’ your latest release for promotion. Every song you upload or transfer to Boost Collective gets added to playlists and pitched to editorials.

No fees or contracts. Stay independent, always.

We don’t lock you down. You can give us a try, see if you like what we’re about, and leave whenever you like.

Keep 100% of the royalties you generate

We only take a 20% fee from Content ID revenue – outside of that, 100% of all earnings will end up in your pocket.

All the benefits, without the downside.

The days of predatory distributors doing the bare minimum only to take your royalty earnings is over. Boost Collective helps you reach new heights, with no strings attached.

Unlimited Access to time-saving tools. .

Music Video Maker
Cover Art Maker
Spotify Canvas Maker
Banner Art Maker
Promo Card Maker
Music Mastering

Built with your manager in mind.

Have a manager or team? They’ll feel at home using Boost Collective as well!
In-depth analytics, royalty breakdowns, daily trends.

You’ll be able to see what is going on with your artists on a day-to-day basis and have all the numbers to make informed decisions.

The most comprehensive splits function, ever.

Split payments by percentage or fixed amounts among as many collaborators as you like. Statements for all parties can be automatically generated and emailed so everyone knows how much they are owned.

Add unlimited artists and labels.

There is no limit to the number of artists and labels you can add to your Boost Collective account.

Keep more royalties in your (and your artists’) pocket.

Boost Collective only takes a 20% cut of YouTube Content ID. Rejoice!

Boost Collective Platform

We exist to grow your exposure.

Boost Collective grows alongside you. Other distributors only want to put your music out. We’re built to take you to the finish line.

Gain momentum with Boost Collective to have the ability to explore bigger opportunities.

All our artists build towards accessing:

  • Editorial promotion opportunities
  • Direct DSP Pitching
  • 1 on 1 Access to our streaming specialists

We’ll do whatever’s needed to help you aim for the charts. All without compromising your artist integrity. All while keeping you independent.

Boost Collective Cover Art Example

Distribute music through Boost Collective.

We help grow your audience and exposure.

Achieve new heights in your music career.

Boost Collective joins forces with artists we think we can help. If you don't have a direct link to us, you can request to join below.