It's easy to get started with Boost Collective:

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1) Make a free Boost Collective account.

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2) Distribute a new or existing release.

With Boost Collective, you get unlimited free music distribution to 150+ platforms and stores.

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You’ll earn credits whenever you distribute through Boost Collective. 


Credits can be used on playlist promotion to mastering and beyond - all for free.

The more you release, the more you win:

Use credits you earn on: Playlist promotion, cover art maker, music video maker, Spotify canvas maker, promo cards, banner art maker and music mastering.

It's time for a music career that actually makes you money.


Most artists never recoup their costs, and their distributor doesn’t help them grow.


Many platforms praise themselves for giving you 100% of your royalties - and yet you’ll still lose money.


That’s because you still need to pay for tons of things that you’d get for free with Boost Collective, like music promotion or mastering.


Boost Collective makes all your artist costs go to 0$ - and you still get to keep 100% of your earnings.

Boost Collective is your secret advantage.