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Enter The World of Music Promotion Services Online


Welcome to the big, wide world world of music promotion online! Indie artists and signed artists alike spend a lot of time on this subject - after all, what's the point of making music if nobody is going to hear it?

Let's get some important things out of the way first. No matter how much you want it, there's no secret blow-up-overnight formula.

There isn't one company, one method, one campaign, that'll put you own.

Music promotion takes years of hard work - and many artists get burned paying hundreds or thousands of dollars throughout their careers on 'press packages', 'music promotion services', and 'industry professionals'.

The Hard Truth

The reality is - every music promotion service will try to sell you the golden ticket - just buy this campaign and you'll be good! But as an independent artist, you probably know better.

The truth is, online music promotion just isn't going to make a big impact for you. At least, the way most artists go about it nowadays.

You see, most artists pay for a promotion campaign. They get their music promoted, let's say on some great Spotify playlists. Or possibly, the artist gets on some music blogs.

After 4 weeks, the promotion ends, the monthly listener count climbs back down, and you're back in the same spot you were after you spent that $300 on a playlist push.

Paying For Music Promotion is Not Worth it

Doing one-off occasional music promotion campaigns is just an effective way to burn money. You aren't building any momentum in your growth by buying music promotion every, 1, 2, or 3 months.

And financially, it doesn't even make sense to buy promotion often. What difference does it make in the grand scheme of things for your music career if you have 3,000 more streams on Spotify?

The point is, spending money on music promotion is largely a losing game.

That's why at Boost Collective, we decided to make our Spotify promotion campaigns entirely free for all using our platform.

You don't need to pay anything to use our promotion. After years of selling our promotion to artists and seeing minimal long-term results to artists, it just isn't ethical to focus on selling music promotion.

How to Get Your Music Heard, Properly.

There still is, of course, major benefit to get on targeted Spotify playlists, get additional streams, and get organic promotion.

And you might disagree and even prefer to pay to get more promotion! And that's completely fine. We realized this too - while our music promotion services are entirely free, artists on our platform can choose to buy more (though we make it very clear it's optional).

When you can get solid music promotion for free (like at Boost Collective), it definitely makes sense to pursue that.

It just isn't worth spending hundreds or thousands of dollars to promote your music using these methods (again, why we made them free).

Instead, there are better ways to grow your exposure, and better ways to invest in your music career. Let's go over it now.


How to Get Your Music Out There in Today's Music Industry

Many will have you believe that this is the age of digital marketing strategies. That since the general public spend more time on social media, platforms like Facebook, Instagram and streaming services like Spotify, the focus for promotion is there.

And that's where they lead you astray - because absolutely every musician is doing the exact same thing.

'Let's run ads!'

'Lets get on Spotify and Apple music playlists!'

'Let me boost my Instagram post!'

‘Let’s promote my Youtube music video!'

Don't get me wrong, all of the above can be useful if used properly. But more often than not, these just ways artists manage to waste good money.

Most musicians are running ads now. Most musicians wants to pay to get on playlists.

Yes, the digital age is here. But the most important aspect is overlooked: the importance (and power) of networking and collaboration.

Below we'll dive more in-depth on how to leverage this overlooked aspect to supercharge your music promotion efforts beyond your wildest imagination.


Why Is Music Promotion Important? 

Strong music promotion is key to an artists success, especially focused on your album release and supporting single release normally six weeks prior to the album launch. Music marketing allows musicians to reach new music fans which in turn leads to more streams, likes, views, shares and sales pushing your music career forward. 

But what is music promotion? And, how do you promote your music? 


What Kinds of Music Promotion is There in Today's Music Business?

Music promotion comes in many forms: not all of them cost money. Of course, there are the ways you've heard of a million times that yield little results: friends and family sharing your music, submitting to playlist curators and praying for a placement, etc. Some methods can be as unique as getting on Lyrical Lemonade.

There are also paid methods that you've probably heard of before, that can sometimes be effective, but as mentioned before, are a waste of money for most artists: running ads on Facebook or Instagram, paying music promotion sites (I won't name names).

The reason why I say these paid methods are a waste of money is because 1) most indie artists don't know how to properly run ads and massively overspend and 2) most music promotion services online give you barely any tangible long-term results for the money you put in.


It's a New Era For Promoting Music

In our opinion at Boost Collective, we think it's best to just give artists using our (free) platform Spotify placement campaigns for free so they don't make the mistake of spending 100$ on the same campaign we can do for free.

Spotify play list campaigns are great at boosting growth, but since they provide no real long-term growth for most artists, artists deserve to be able to get them for free.

Paid promotion also runs the risk of getting botted streams (a nightmare scenario) or just upright get scammed. Why risk it?

As I alluded to earlier, networking and collaboration will be the best way to get your music heard, by far. And we're going to cover more about it below.


How To Promote Your Music: The Generic Methods

Before we get into the juicy stuff, I'll just get these generic things out of the way.

  • Friends and Family: Your closest friends and family are a good way to start spreading the word. Asking those around you to share you around, have them come out to events, gigs, or talent shows, and follow your socials are a good way to get started, especially as a new indie artist.

  • Social Media Marketing: Like the first point, this one is obvious but surprisingly isn't practiced enough. Post updates as you progress through your carrier, offer behind the scenes footage on your Instagram or Twitter, host give-away competitions to boost fan engagement – not too hard to do and worth the time.

  • Submit to Curators: You can find curators of blogs and play lists on LinkedIn, SubmitHub and more. Submitting music to them and most importantly focusing on building a relationship where you can benefit from can be a good foundation to getting ahead of others. You don't need a huge network to start - just plant the seeds!


The Secret To Major Growth Music Promotion Services Hide From You

Even the best music promotion services online or industry professionals you look up to will fail to mention this one little growth hack.

Why? Because they can't sell you anything for it - this is a music promotion method any indie musician can do without the help of any promo company and entirely free.

By far, the most important thing aspiring musicians can do is (drum roll please): collaborations!

Bet you didn't think of that one! (hehe). But the truth is, collaborations is the most overlooked means of blowing up as an artist. And the results speak for themselves.

Not even the best music promotion services can top a great collaborative release you do for free - not even $10,000 spent on Facebook ads.

Our close friend Giacomo is part of TheFifthGuys - a DJ duo with over 100 million streams on Spotify. We did an interview with him where we broke down exactly this strategy.

In my opinion, these 40 minutes you'll spend watching this interview will be the most productive time spent for your career in months, if not years :)