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Unlimited Free Music Distribution.

The most feature-rich free distribution platform. Keep 100% of your earnings, pay nothing, ever. Make the switch now.

Why Choose Boost Collective?

No-compromise free distribution that ticks all the boxes.

Boost Collective music distribution
  • Distribute to 150+ stores worldwide
  • Fast release and delivery speeds
  • Release unlimited songs/albums
  • Keep 100% of your earnings
  • 100% ownership of your masters
  • No limits, fees or upgrades
  • Pre-order and splits funtionality

From the Boost Collective Community

Forget about paying for music promotion.
Get on playlists for free.

Boost Collective playlists

Access tools like the cover art maker,
music video maker & more - all for free.

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Free Distribution For Record Labels That Keeps up.

Music distribution for labels is notoriously expensive – it doesn’t have to be. Finally, a platform that lets you distribute unlimited releases for your label and collect royalties, day in-day out.

Are There Any Hidden Fees?

Absolutely not. Boost Collective is completely free. No upfront fee, no yearly fee, no one time fee, no additional fees, just an amazing platform to grow your music career.

Can I see all my sales stats and reporting?

Yes, you’ll be able to access in-depth full reporting so you can see where your streams and sales are coming from.

Can you master my track?

We sure can.  It’s entirely free like the digital music distribution you get with an account. All you need to do is make an account, then upload music for mastering and beyond!

Can you provide a UPC code?

Yes! You can add your own UPC code or we’ll auto-generate one for you in the upload process.

Is this Global Music Distribution?

Yes. With Boost Collective, you can upload your songs to all the major music platforms seen across the music industry. Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Amazon music, and much more. Join the #1 free music distribution service today.

Forget About Paying Per Music Release

As an independent artist, limits are never ideal. That’s why we have unlimited digital distribution. Releasing music with no upfront costs (and no other costs, ever) – is what’ll help your music reach new heights. Music distribution is best enjoyed without limits.

Who Are The Best Free Music Aggregators?

There are tons you can pick from within the music industry as a music artist. In our (cheeky) opinion, Boost Collective is the best of all digital music distributors. Release music, manage existing music releases, access a support team, enjoy royalty splits, get paid fast, and dive into a wealth of analytics of data.

Its hard to find better aggregator services out there.

Do I Get Unlimited Distribution as Well?

Yup! And without any upfront cost, or any cost at all for that matter. Just make an account and get your new music out there. Most other services might either have hidden fees or other limits that most artists think is the norm in the music industry among digital music distributors. We’re here to shake things up with our free music distribution service.

What Streaming Services do You Distribute to?

Pretty much all of them. Apple Music, Youtube Music, Amazon Music Unlimited, and 150+ other major streaming platforms.

How To Distribute Music Using Free Music Distribution Services

If you’re an artist looking to reach your audience when you release your music, music distribution is what will get you there. Learn more about digital music distribution, how to distribute your music and how music distribution services work! Essentially, music distribution is the process by which music is sent to major streaming services. to reach your fans. There are tons of services for digital music distribution that let you distribute your songs, whether you have a record deal or not.

Free Music Distribution Is Just The Icing on The Cake.

Sure, you can distribute your music with Boost Collective at no cost. But that’s not the point – Boost Collective is more than that – it’s a platform built from the ground-up to help an artist in all aspects of their music careers. Developing talent is what we’re about. It goes beyond digital distribution. Even the best free music aggregators can’t match the suite of no-cost services you can find with Boost Collective.

All About Streaming Services and Streaming Royalties

With so many streaming platforms, aggregator services, and different distribution platforms to know about, wanting to distribute your music is a good first step to tackle. With Boost Collective, your songs get on all these different digital music platforms – Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Amazon Music, any different platforms you can think of – we can distribute your own music to. A music distributor like Boost Collective is essentially

Should I Go With a Record Label or a Music Distributor?

Understanding how music distribution works is essential if you want to sell your music online. If You’re an upcoming music artist, there’s definitely a lot on your mind. How much do streaming services pay? What is Youtube Content ID? How do I go about playlist pitching? What distribution service is best for me? The list goes on and on.

But the biggest burning question among emerging artists is this one – do you distribute your music alone, or with a label?

Different types of artists have different needs so there’s always a necessity in going to record labels, but not for everyone.

Even though it’s generally a case-by-case scenario, there are a few guidelines you can use to know which option you are more suited for – You should NOT go to a record label if you:

-Like having 100% creative control.

-When you initially sign a legal contract, you are essentially signing away a portion of your creative rights.

-Since labels are in the business to make money they will often go to the more profitable trends of music and try to push as much revenue as possible (which is good for both the label and the artist)

-Some problems can arise if you are not the type of artist to abandon some more creative/unique sounds to fit something more mainstream and easy to sell.

-Do not immediately go to a label if you are new to the music industry.

-There are a lot of complex and sophisticated things included in a label contract that need to be carefully and thoroughly understood before signing.

-The last thing you would want to do is enter a predatory deal contract, so take some time to learn how to distribute your own music.

-Although you’ll be able to get a kick-start in your career and you can grow really fast having the label guide and monitor your promotions, it will not be cheap to do so.

-Since labels carry the risk of you not succeeding, often times you will have to bear the cost of marketing and promoting.

Some food for thought, so make sure to digest it fully:

Just know that whether you choose to go with a label, or with a digital distributor, you must be focusing the majority of your efforts into the music. Delegating the external tasks with a distribution platform will allow you to focus and hone in on your musical talents, which is awesome- but not the whole picture.

I want to make sure that you don’t get it twisted and automatically assume that digital distributors are the magical solution to all your worries and with that alone you are going to make millions. If you’re being lazy with your music and not putting all the effort and time that it requires to actually be a good product then everything will go to waste.

I’s hard to promote a bad product but it’s really easy to promote a good product (just look at Uber for example) This is important to consider when your ask yourself how to sell your music. You need it to be top-tier for it to be sold. Think of distribution services as a sword that you’re going to be using in a fight. Although without any actual fighting in combat skills and experience you won’t go very far, you practically will instantly get destroyed while disarmed.

You need to do a lot of networking and build a consistent fan base using social media while testing different promotional techniques. You should reach out of your comfort level and create a bunch of promotional campaigns on your already released tracks.

On top of this you need to keep a good strategy that’s both realistic and worthwhile so that you can continue growing and growing. Distribution is only going to work as an asset. They’re all pieces to the humongous puzzle that is your artist career. Every day you must add one new piece to the puzzle and pretty soon you’ll have a mosaic of your beautiful career in the music industry.